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Making My List and Checking It Twice – GIFT Books for Holiday Giving

Ok folks, we are down to the final ‘do or die’ days for holiday shopping.  So today I am making my list and checking it twice for GIFT books:

Herblock: The Life and Work of the Great Political Cartoonist by Haines Johnson  – With a career spanning 72 years and 13 American presidents, his cartoons made complex issues seem simple and moral choices clear.  An amazing work.

Boy Scouts of America, A Centennial History by Chuck Wills – The official and definitive history of one of our
nation’s most influential and cherished organizations, packed with
stories and images of service and heroism.

Read My Pins by Madeline Albright – This is a particular favorite of Virginia’s and and takes ‘dress for success’ to another level.   Albright used her famous collection of pins (most costume jewelry) to convey what she could not say publically, especially when dealing with the Middle East.

Polar Obsession by Paul Nicklen – An unprecedented, up-close documentation of the lives of leopard seals, whales,walruses,  polar bears, bearded seals, and narwhals, all bathed in polar light.

The National Parks: America’s Best Idea by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns – speaks for itself.   A companion to the Ken Burns PBS documentary, the book allows you to linger over the “great sections of our natural landscape . . . set aside, not for kings
or noblemen or the very rich, but for everyone, for all time.”

A Shadow Falls by Nick Brandt – This is one of the most stunning books of photography I have seen in recent years.  Fifty-eight images in stunning, oversize tritone plates (black and white) capture the natural grandeur of East Africa with wide-screen panoramas of animals and landscapes.  Truly magnificent.

Be sure and check out my post on biographies and history books too.

Happy Shopping,


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