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Diva Consignment Boutique in Old Town Alexandria

Diva Consignment Boutique in Old Town Alexandria is a dream come true for fashionistas on a budget. 

Located on South Pitt Street in the heart of Old Town, and just round the corner from the Monaco Hotel, Diva gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘consignment.’ 

Think Channel, Yves St. Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Prada and Michael Kors.

Owner Cindy McCartney, a striking blonde with impeccable style, was  in cosmetic management for years and a self-described ‘shopaholic’. 

One day she decided enough was enough. 

Why not sell and be surrounded by what she truly loved – designer clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry – and why not recycle the treasures languishing in her closets?

Cindy said she knew from the beginning that she wanted a European feel, she wanted to be in Old Town Alexandria, and her shop  would be named for one of her beloved Dachshunds – DIVA!

She got her wish and three years later she is a destination location for many and a happy find for unsuspecting tourists. Not surprisingly Diva was named “Best Boutique” by both Washingtonian Magazine and Northern Virginia Magazine in 2009. 

The day we were there the shop was a beehive of activity – just think of playing “grown up dress up” with your girl friends – with Cindy as the consummate hostess.

Consignments are taken by appointment only and held to very high standards.  As Cindy noted, her collection is very focused and very special.  

So what are you waiting for?  Go. Now. Diva Consignment Boutique in Old Town Alexandria.


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  1. Chad Lariscy

    Old Town Alexandria reminds me a lot of Downtown Blue Ridge. There they have several Boutiques similar to Diva Consignments Boutique.

    Great Job Michael and thanks for the great idea for a topic of my own!

  2. Michael

    Thanks Chad. My sister-in-law grew up in Blue Ridge and had a house on the lake for years. We were lucky enough to spend one Fourth of July down there – rather magical.


  3. Cindy McCartney

    Thanks so much, Virginia and Michael…
    I love your article and appreciate your including Diva
    in your blog! I read some of your other postings as well and I am now going to subscribe–they are great.
    Thank you again~Cindy

  4. Victoria Baker

    I enjoyed this post. I enjoy consignment shopping looking for unique finds. I will definitely be stopping by the Diva boutique next time I’m in Alexandria.

  5. Michael

    Victoria – It’s really close to the office so there’s nor reason NOT to visit. Glad you like it.


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