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Del Merei Grill First to Close with Redevelopment of the Calvert

The City of Alexandria is expected to release a highly anticipated proposal this week supporting the redevelopment of the Calvert in Arlandria.

The Del Merei Grill has already announced that they will be the first business to close in conjunction with the redevelopment.

The Calvert is located near the corner of West Glebe Road and directly across from the newly opened Del Ray Central Apartments.

X Calvert Shop signA linchpin between the neighborhoods of Del Ray and Arlandria, the redevelopment of the Calvert comes as Arlandria is beginning to stake it’s own identity with a neighborhood centric blog and new Farmers Market.

According to Duncan Blair, attorney for the Calvert’s owner, United Dominion Realty (UDR), This development will take a building that contributes very little to it’s immediate environs and create an active streetscape . . . . it’s energy in the community.”

All residential tenants in the Calvert are on year-to-year leases and UDR expects the building to be completely empty by 2012.  The commercial tenants have all signed a confidentiality agreement and are not at liberty to discuss current negotiations.

Mary Reid, co-owner of the Del Merei Grill with her brother Eric, choose to leave early noting “It’s better to be the first one out.”

The City of Alexandria Planning Commission will consider the Calvert Proposal at their September meeting.


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